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인도 뭄바이 페인트 전시회 [PAINTINDIA]

조회 : 24
등록일 : 2022-08-11 10:45

페인트 인도 2023

The PAINTINDIA series of exhibitions, since their inception in 1993, have been the pioneering and premier coatings exposition for the coatings industry in the Indian sub-continent. PaintIndia has built a place for itself as the pioneer and the only journal in the coating industry not only in India, but in the entire Far East. It has all along championed the cause of the coating industry to the extent that the Indian Industry looks upto the journal for objective presentation of news, independent expression of views and dissemination of information in continuing research in coatings and raw materials, and its allied fields.

시작일 2023-03-02
종료일 2023-03-03
국가 인도
분야/분류 에너지/전력/수처리/환경
참가기업 수 480+
총 방문자 수 16,200+
전시장 Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, India
전시회 홈페이지 바로가기
연락처 02-868-1522
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